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PA Senate Introduces Resolution To Overhaul Campaign Finance Regulations


(Harrisburg, Pa.) — September 20, 2022. — Today, a resolution calling on Congress to drastically change campaign finance regulations was introduced in the Pennsylvania Senate.

The resolution urges members of Congress to support the For Our Freedom Amendment – a constitutional amendment that would explicitly grant states the right to regulate federal races within their own borders. It is part of a bipartisan, bicameral effort in the Pennsylvania General Assembly and a House companion of the resolution is expected to be introduced this fall.

Supreme Court precedent prohibits states (and Congress) from setting any limits on “independent spending” to influence state or federal elections, which is why a constitutional amendment is necessary. Using the “independent spending” loophole, billions of dollars driving divisive election-influence operations has flooded into state and federal elections from corporations, unions, wealthy donors and even foreign government-influenced operations. This is why a constitutional amendment is necessary. Any federal or state legislative solution would be preempted by the existing Supreme Court precedent. Eight of the 27 amendments so far in the United States’ Constitution corrected Supreme Court decisions that compromised the integrity and future of the republic.

“This resolution is a positive first step toward stopping the avalanche of unchecked and unaccountable money that pours into our campaigns from foreign entities, corporations, and out of state billionaires,” said American Promise Executive Director Bill Cortese. “Year after year, Pennsylvania voters are exposed to hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of campaign ads from unknown sources that do not have Pennsylvanians’ best intentions at heart.”

Cortese continued, “With the passage of this resolution Pennsylvania would become the 23rd state to call on Congress to do their part to bring Constitutional authority back to the states and close the loophole that allows foreign governments and foreign entities to interfere in our elections.”

Public opinion polling supports massive change to the electoral system. Over 90% of Americans believe that government only represents a few big interests, not the good of the people or the country.

After its passage in Congress, the For Our Freedom Amendment would have to be ratified by state legislatures across the country, several of which have already passed resolutions similar to the one introduced in the PA House today.

Sponsors of the resolution in the Senate include Senators Argall, Baker, Mensch, Martin, and Stefano.

For more information on the many flaws of the current campaign finance structure in Pennsylvania, please read “UnCommon Wealth” Pennsylvania Report.  


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